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You know what, there is a story about my life before from being taken care of the most awesome Vati.

He was the best Vati anyone could ever wish for...

I was young back then when I was founded by a man that was Prussian. Yep, he was Prussian. He told me that. I'm a regular girl of [Country], known as [Fullname] or [Name]. My country was in the worst state back then, and I was the one feeling all the pain. Those loss, those fights, I can't take them anymore... They were just to strong for a girl like me.

I ran and ran just to get out of there. Being sure I was far enough, I settled my young body into a corner of a dead end. It was silent. There were no fighting at all. Great.

As I was about to sleep, I saw a blurry vision of a man. He looked like an Albino. He had beautiful red eyes, and a platinum blond hair. He looked pretty interesting. I was expecting that he would just look at me and leave me like the rest that had happened to stop by, but he didn't.

It had surprised me.

He had carried my little body, and stoked my hair. I even heard him mumble the words, "Don't vorry. Zhe awesome-Prussia vill take you out of this un-awesome setting." I was happy. I'm going to be taken care of. But wouldn't it cost so much trouble?

"Wouldn't I get in your way?" I asked, my tiny hands rubbing my eyes.

"No. I live alone with my young bruder Ludvig. It vill be good for him to have some company while I go to some wars to prove I'm awesome." He had replied, chuckling as he ruffled my hair. "Sleep." He whispered.

I was happy. I will finally know my hero.

When we got home, he had sat me on the couch and grabbed a wet cloth, wiping all the dirt all over me. Although, I can't put my finger on it when he looked shocked when he dabbed the wet cloth on my right arm.

Then I remembered. I had hurt myself as I ran away.

Without hesitation, I saw the man grabbing something from the kitchen cabinets, and it was some cloth or bandage? He had cleaned my wound first before patching it up. I was happy that he had done that. He then called out a man with blond hair and blue eyes. Probably his brother, 'Ludvig'? or is it 'Ludwig'? Oh, well. I'll stick with Ludwig.

"Hi!" I said happily, making Ludwig look at me curiously.

"This is my new daughter.." The man had said, ruffling my hair.

"Hi! I'm [Fullname]! But you can call me [Name]!" I grinned.

"Vhat?!" Ludwig suddenly looked at the Albino with widened eyes. "Don't tell m-..."

"Kesesesese~ Don't vorry, vest. I've just proclaimed her to be my awesome daughter." He assured.

"Both of jou vill just chat around about the awesome me, vhile I go and prove myself!" The man had grinned, laughing.

Me and Ludwig had a little chat, until it had came to evening. Later that evening, I had learned that the so-called Prussian was Gilbert. Gilbert was pretty fun to be around with. He was there to crack up jokes, or play jokes on his brother Ludwig, which I had just found that was official.

Gilbert had told me to call him Vati. Vati was Papa in his language the same with Ludwig. But why can't I be his sister? Why daughter? Oh well. I had never really felt how a father love his own child. My parents had died into a some accident while I was home alone.

I smiled throughout all the night. Vati was so much fun to be with. He even told me to sleep with him in bed, while his 'Uncle' Ludwig protested. It was very fun by just remembering it. He even said, 'Inappropriate'. What does that mean? Oh well. As long as I'm in Vati's arms, I'm fine.

As months had passed, me and Vati played all throughout the day whenever he wasn't 'Proving' himself. We played catch, Hide 'n Seek, and Where's Vati?

Those were happy times... But then, Vati is needed to go to war. Why war? Of all the things, why war?! Huh? Vati promised he will be safe. And he wanted me to be right safe in Uncle Ludwig's arms.

He told me to wait. He told me to wait until he arrives. And that's what I did.

Months, and years had passed, and I still didn't hear anything from him. And until I had heard that Vati was... dead...

What happened to Vati? Is Vati gone? Will I ever be able to see him again? What would happened to Playing Catch, Hide n' Seek, or Where's Vati? What will happened to those games we played. What had happened in promising me that he will return? What will happened in being safe in his arms? What will happened to his awesome cooking? His great jokes? His lullaby? His warmth breath filling the air? Picking me up and sending me to school? What happened to the times we had spent together? What happened to my hero? What happened to Vati?! And what happened to the promise that he will come back and be there for me?!

What will happened to me?

This is the story of my awesome Vati. He was always there for me when I needed him. He would always crack up the best jokes. He would always be there ruffling my hair. I wish that he was here to see his little girl growing up. He was there to make promises and always publish it. But what happened to the promise in coming back? He had never publish that.

Then something was falling down through my eyes, wetting my cheeks. Wait! Am I crying?! Of course, I can't be. Right?

Vati is still around here, I know it! He is probably in his favorite chair sitting down, playing some jokes, or being quiet. Maybe he is just playing a quiet game. And maybe aliong that game was an invisible game? Vati is still there!

He is probaly making the bed. Cleaning the dishes. Folding the clothes neatly, while being invisible.

He is still there playing some games! I know it! Vati is there! He wouldn't leave? Vati is probably playing the game called, Where's Vati?
what is up guys?! 

hello weebs/loves/trashes/etc etc. thanks for reading my lit. i appreciate your positive feed backs and constructive criticism. they are very much welcome. if i have any typos please know that im the typo queen. grammar mistakes? point it out, thanks. if you're still reading this, you're bae material af. ily so much. xoxo


:iconhetalia: (c): Himaruya Hidekaz.
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No. Just no.
*tears up* damnit, I' sad...
My feels
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How the hell did you make me cry missy? Did you use hacks or something 
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Why?!  This is so sad! ;~;

V-Vatti..  Y-you..  Promised..
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*Gets shot right in the feels* Why?! T_T
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Don't worry!!! He is a state thou or u could say micro nation!
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I think i just died
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;~; do you have any idea how hard it is to keep in the feels I'm feeling when me family is in the same room. The struggle is real! ;_; where's vati....
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It's won't be the same ;_;
NinjagoStorm Featured By Owner May 20, 2014  Student Digital Artist won't.
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Teh feels on the bus go round and round
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New song!!! The best song ever, my friend. It's a great song for those feel-sy stories. ;A;

That username though! xD
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Oh my gosh this is really good that I'm so sad right now...WHY CANT PRUSSIA COME BACK TO US! Even if he was just reduced to a tiny little patch of earth....why can't he still be a country? DX 
I still love the story! :3
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;A; I'm actually crying now bro. Stop making awesome stories. 
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>.< but where's Mein awesome Vatti??
This was really good :)
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:iconclapplz: Beautiful.
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Nice job, Author-san. :)
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